This is Brendo Maciel,

only a young student — and lover — of Web Development. Live in Ceara, I'm 17 years old and know and study it since 2010. I began to study it as a hobby and now I am delving more on the subject.

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What he loves and studies:

HTML5 - The beginning


Study and know HTML, since 2010 as a hobby and learned basic things. But since 2012 I have been studying further and becoming a professional, driven by the desire to learn more and more - including the beauty of HTML5.

I self-evaluate with knowledge of HTML5 as a average/advanced.

CSS3 - A new way of creating art


By studying HTML consequently met the CSS. I was impressed with the expansion of CSS3 and how powerful it is. Since then I have been studying and creating experiments using it.

I self-evaluate with knowledge of CSS3 as a average/advanced.

JavaScript - This will dominate the world!


I studied JavaScript like HTML and CSS, a hobby, but not long ago and learned basic things too. It is a beautiful language programming that is dominating the world. Thanks to Node.js and other community projects that are still growing and will study it enough.

I self-evaluate with knowledge of JavaScript as a basic.

Design - A hobbie


This is still a hobby! I do not have much technical knowledge about design, but I have a good sense of what's tendency, good creativity to manipulate it and the knowledge to put it all into practice.

I self-evaluate with knowledge of Design as a basic.